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 Marine Energy - Wave, Tidal, Thermal power, Offshore Wind and Thermal Power

Marine energy is any form of renewable energy that is generated through use of the marine environment. Types of marine energy include:

  • Wave energy from the motion of surface ocean waves or
    below-surface pressure
  • Tidal energy from naturally occurring tidal currents
  • Offshore wind from turbines in coastal areas
  • Ocean thermal from the temperature difference between deep and shallow water

Marine Energy Victoria Discussion Paper (Department of Sustainability and Environment)

Wave Energy

Tidal Power

Energy Resources

Further Information

Wave Energy
Wave energy is generated by the movement of turbines and devices floating on the ocean surface. Wind blowing across the ocean surface creates waves. The stronger the wind, the higher the wave energy, the greater the potential for the development of electricity.

The west coast of Victoria offers the best potential for the siting of turbines but a significant number of considerations affect the siting and installation of wave energy devices.

· Variability and Trends in the Australian Wave Climate and Consequent Coastal Vulnerability (Australian Greenhouse Office)

· Wave Resources in Victoria (Sustainability Victoria)

· Wave and Tidal Power Assessment for the Victorian Coastline. October 2004. Sustainability Victoria


Tidal Power
The areas of most significant tidal change in Victoria occur in eastern Victoria where tides of between 2 and 4 metres are experienced. Current tidal generation technology requires tidal variation of 7+ metres restricting application of the technology to the north-west of Australia.

Technically, future potential also exists at the narrow entrances of significantly large bays and inlets such as Port Phillip Bay, Westernport Bay and Corner Inlet. A significant number of considerations would however affect their siting and feasability.

· Tidal Energy Systems (Murdoch University)

· Tidal Energy Fact Sheet (Australian Institute of Energy)

· Wave and Tidal Power Assessment for the Victorian Coastline. October 2004. Sustainability Victoria

· Tidal Resources in Victoria (Sustainability Victoria)


Further Information

· Inquiry into the Approvals Process for Renewable Energy Projects in Victoria. February 2010. (Environment and Natural Resources Committee)

· Australian Energy Resource Assessment. March 2010 Joint Geoscience Australia and ABARE report.

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